CC#3: Pitching Matt Higgins and landing a job

How a sophomore at Emory University pitched a shark from shark tank in a clubhouse room with over 1,000 people and got an interview on the spot.

This really happened, and I was in the room to hear it. No not me. A young student by the name of Hannah Jain. If you read CC #2, then you know about the “Shark Tank” room. About a week after that first experience, I was in another shark tank room where there were over 10 investors on stage listening to pitches. This time the line-up included Matt Higgins, one of the newer sharks on shark tank, Justin Kan, the co-founder of Twitch (sold to Amazon or $1b) and many others. I was listening to some of the pitches, and there were some very legit ones—one even had millions of users on their platform and had just generated $750,000 in ad revenue in the past 12 months. Then suddenly, they call the next person: it’s Hannah Jain. I hear a young enthusiastic voice say: “My pitch is actually for Matt Higgins. I told you 3 days ago in another room on clubhouse that I wanted to work for you. I’m following up now—click the link in my IG bio.” A moment of silence while many of the 1000+ people in the room rush to see the URL in her bio. I personally checked it out... it was incredible. Hannah had put together a landing page explaining that she wanted to work for Matt, what the two of them had in common, and what she could help him with. 

Suddenly, you hear laughter and excitement from Matt, AND the others in the room. I heard 2 other investors in the room offer to invest in Hannah. There were also others trying to hire her on the spot. Matt defensively says “Her pitch was for me” and then proceeds to offer her an interview with his team.

Update: Approximately 3 days after this happened, Hannah hosted a room titled something along the lines of: ‘Updates on my pitch to Matt Higgins’. I couldn’t help but join and congratulate her on a great pitch and crowd reaction. She told us that she interviewed with Matt and his assistant and that they asked her how she believed he could get more value out of using clubhouse and what other ideas she had. Hannah sounded like she was shaking with excitement and said they had offered her a job and just needed to send her the paperwork.