CC#9: Mark Zuckerburg on Clubhouse, talks about the future of VR

The "secret guest" ended up being the founder of Facebook and he gave us some insight on what the Facebook Reality Labs have been up to the past few years.

The good time show had a surprise for clubhouse users on Friday night.

Mark Zuckerberg joined for the first half of the show to talk about the Facebook Reality Labs.

He started off by asserting “What VR/AR are about is delivering a sense of presence, a feeling that you’re there with another person or the ability to teleport without having to travel. No other piece of technology can do this, not a smartphone, not a TV, etc.” He added that this is a long path that Facebook has been investing in for a while to try to deliver this experience, which is why the Facebook Reality Labs were started to begin with.

Aarthi, one of the shows co-hosts, asked Mark about his favorite VR games. “I really like the multiplayer games.” He mentioned ‘Arizona Sunshine’, ‘Echo Arena’, ‘Keep talking and Nobody Explodes’ as well as a few others.

The hosts followed up by asking Mark about the impact of COVID on the company as well as his thoughts on remote work.

“In some ways, it’s gone better than I would’ve expected. It’s a weird experiment because a lot of people have kids at home. It’s hard to extrapolate from where we’re at now, the long-term impact this will have. I announced early on when COVID hit that I expect that by the end of the decade we will be 50% remote.”

He followed by elaborating on the future potential of VR and comparing VR meetings vs. Zoom meetings. “I believe you’ll get the ability to live wherever you want and actually feel like you’re there [in the office]. I’ve done a few VR meetings and a lot of zoom meetings. One of the things I’ve found—is that it’s easier to remember what happened in the discussion when it’s VR vs. a zoom call. On zoom, it’s harder to process who said what because you don’t know where each person was sitting. Conversely, in a VR meeting, if Fidji [in reference to Fidji Simo, Head of the Facebook App, who was also on the panel] is sitting to my left, we have a shared space and when I look to the left I can see her. In addition, when she speaks, I can hear her voice coming from my left.”

“Ultimately, it [VR] will unlock a lot of economic opportunity cause people will be able to live where they want and work where they want. It will limit the amount of travel people have to do. It’s 2021, it’s way easier to move bits around than atoms, so we should be teleporting [through VR/AR] more than transporting.”

Andrew Bosworth (or “Boz”), VP of Facebook Reality Labs, was also on the panel and chimed in: “Mark, I don’t know if you remember this, but when you first talked about creating the Reality Labs, I remember we talked about how cities are really inefficient. For example, think about the cost of living in San Francisco and the traffic.”

He continued by stating how lucky people like him and Mark are.

“A lot of people are as talented as us or more, but they weren’t able to leave their support structures and as a result had limited opportunities. In today’s world, economic stability is down, so geographic mobility is down. Economic instability on a global scale is justified today. For multi-person chats, VR has that glimmer of hope that could change the way we think about cities, and help more evenly distribute the fruits of labor around the world. This is why I told Mark I was so excited to start working on the Facebook Reality Labs—we’re helping improve global economic stability.”

At this point, Mark had to leave the room “I promised Priscilla I’d only be here for 5 minutes. She’s the boss—so I’ve gotta go now, but I’d be happy to do this again in the future!” and with that, Zuckerberg left the room.

This was a very inspiring conversation and got me thinking about the future of remote work as well as VR/AR. I want to congratulate Aarthi and Sriram for knocking it out of the park again with a world class guest on the GOOD TIME Show—less than a week after having Elon Musk on the show. Who would you like to see on the show? Also, I’m curious, who do you believe is winning (or will win) the race for VR/AR? Feel free to DM me on twitter @pablo_casilimas or email me at