What is the Clubhouse Chronicles?

Sharing special moments that happen in the beta version of clubhouse -- mostly pertaining to startups, VCs, etc.

Welcome to The Clubhouse Chronicles by me, Pablo Casilimas (@pablo161). President of @onesixonegroup - we help a few startup founders on the east coast make a large impact. We’re opening a $5m fund on 2/01/2021 with a focus on seed / pre-seed startups in the southeast US.

The intention here is simply to share special moments that I’ve experienced during my time on clubhouse. At the time of writing this, it is 1/16/2021 — I have been on clubhouse since January 4th and have already spent over 40 hours using the app. I have been in rooms with some incredible people and have witnessed some pretty special moments that I think others would enjoy hearing. Also, I think that this will showcase that clubhouse has created some pretty unique networking opportunities during a global pandemic that has made a lot of networking opportunities non-existent. I do not work for clubhouse, nor am I sponsored by them, I simply have enjoyed connecting with some pretty incredible people on the platform and am looking forward to meeting many others on there.