CC#5: I AM WOW $ Trivia Show takes clubhouse by storm with a 6-figure sponsorship from the Cash app

It all started with an instant pot giveaway...

The trivia show was started by 6 prominent serial entrepreneurs & investors. See below:

It started January 9th with Andrew Lee offering to giveaway his instant pot. They created the trivia game to choose a lucky winner. However, once they found a winner, Andrew realized he would have to go to the post office and ship the instant pot, so he said “I’ll just send you cash! Do you have cash app?”

The following night, they decided to keep it going by giving away Justin Kan’s money. Justin was the co-founder of Twitch and now a partner at Lucky for Justin, it took less than a week to lock in a large sponsor.

The idea is, you must list 3 items from a category and you have 5 seconds to respond. Typically if you get the answer right, you can walk away with $25. As you’d expect, most contestants opt in for the double or nothing. I actually had the opportunity of being on the show last night and I must admit, it is quite nerve-wracking! The 3 questions I was asked were as follows:

1. Name 3 currencies
2. Name 3 items you would find in an office
3. Name 3 brands that make chocolate

I could’ve won $100, but I couldn’t think of a 3rd chocolate brand… However, some contestants have had far better luck. A few days ago, someone walked away with $800, the most that’s ever been awarded to a single person since the show started. And another participant, Nia Drummond, won $400 just last night! The first thing she said when she was called to the stage was “I’m currently on the urination station.” That’s likely the most money she’s ever made while sitting on a toilet.

Last night, standup comedian Leah Lamarr was on the show and she expressed the thrill, and fear that the show made her go through. When asked if she would double or nothing after winning $100, Lamarr said “I’m literally shaking right now!” the judges mentioned they thought she’d be used to the pressure from her standup routines, but she replied “I’ve literally never felt this much pressure in my life. When I have the mic, I’m in control. But right now, I’m not in control.”

The group announced their $100,000 sponsorship from Cash App through the title of the event and mentioning it at various points throughout the evening.

The specifics of the sponsorship have not been made public but we did hear Justin make quite a statement when a winner from abroad tried to circumvent using the cash app. Founder Felix Josemon from Kerala, India won and decided to walk away with $25 but said that cash app was not supported in India. The other judges said it was no problem and they would pay him on another platform, but this is where Justin Kan put his foot down. “If we choose to pay using another platform, I worry that my biggest fear will become a reality: we’ll lose our sponsor. We can’t pay you on anything except cash app. You’ll have to find a friend in the US or something.”

If you or someone you know would like to participate in the world’s most popular trivia show since Jeopardy, you can follow the I AM WOW $ club on clubhouse. They also have an instagram (@wowfamofficial) and twitter (@wowfamofficial).